I hope all my kids find a job they love, a passion for something, or build their own business. I am definitely an entrepreneur and enjoy challenges and starting new businesses and building companies.

In the beginning- I always wanted to be a teacher. I tried college for a bit but ended up moving back home to start working. Later in life I attempted to return to school twice doing classes online to finally become a teacher. It just never worked out for me to become a teacher for some reason. I guess everything happens for a reason. My main goal was to teach and help kids. I wanted to be a positive influence in their lives, and I wanted to coach football.

I saw a huge value in being able to help kids and have them achieve success getting the most out of them. I wanted to build a winning football program teaching kids the game I loved being around. I always felt like sports taught kids so much about life and how to deal with different situations. I do coach football and have for the last Fourteen years and still going strong on football. However, I moved home from college and started working waiting tables at TGIF Friday’s. It was fun and a job and I was making decent money for a college aged kid. While I was working there a friend of mine had me interview with Frito Lay. I started working at Frito Lay and I thought well this is it my career. I will move up through Frito Lay before you know it, I will have my own route and I will be the chip guy!!

I just always wanted more- a more challenging job- I liked the idea of working for myself and building companies. This is involves some risk to start and run your own business. Risk can be scary but if you do not take risk – your dreams will not come true.

My first business opportunity came in 1995 when I started working as a mortgage broker with some of my friends, I knew through football. I learned the business and was dedicated to being the best mortgage broker I could be. This led to me launching my own mortgage company in 1999. Little did I know at the time but these companies in real estate and title would be my most successful businesses financially over my working career. (So Far through 2022 anyway!)

This was the start of me owning and building businesses and taking chances on several different businesses. Some businesses I knew nothing about and others I had some knowledge of the business. I was willing to try anything and learn and work hard to make each business successful.

I built my mortgage business into several offices in multiple states along with starting a title company and expanding that as well in multiple states. At the height of my real estate business in 2006-2007, I employed more than 80+ employees at four mortgage offices and two title companies Being so involved in real estate it led me to investing in real estate buying several properties. I would buy and rent out properties and buy vacant lots of land to sell. At Thirty years old – I had my own condo in FL on the beach which to this day was my most favorite place to live. It always seemed so relaxing and not so fast paced or stressful down there on the ocean. The sound of the water at night was something I still miss. I bought other condos on the beach for rentals- I had 4 condos in total. I also had several houses- I had 3 houses in FL, 1 in Arizona, 7 houses in Ohio along with other properties and land. The real estate business was a huge blessing in my life. To run these businesses and invest in real estate allowed me to buy and pay off my first house which was in North Ridgeville in 2010 (10 years after buying it.) I bought it in 2000 paid it off and ended up living in that home until 2020 for over 20 years. I was lucky to have our home paid and not have to worry about a mortgage payment. This was something my parents never were able to do, and it was a great accomplishment for me to work hard and pay off my home.

In all I own or have owned over eighteen different Businesses. In a wide range of categories. Some more interesting than others-some successful and some failures. They all have pushed me and given me an opportunity to learn and grow as a person.

Some of the businesses were: Mortgage Company- Title Company-Advanced Mortgage Leads- Tax Deed Business Pro Claim National – Veranda Bistro and Bar (Restaurant)- Cryo-Freeze Health and Recovery a Cryotherapy Center- Several Marketing Companies(Prime Option Marketing/Pharmacy Consulting/Midwest Medical/Marketing-HoopTech a Sports Facility- Northern Ohio Youth Football League (youth sports organization)- Investment Company (Day trading stocks)- Romeo’s Pizza Franchise- Sports betting information site. Pro Settlement and Closing- The list goes on.

One business I owned Reliant which was a delinquent tax sale business. My partners and I sold the business in 2007 to a company out of Montana. I mention this company (for my kids) because I had to go to Montana and work there as part of our agreement in selling the company. This is where I met my wife (their wonderful Mom). This company led me to my wife, and we now have three wonderful and amazing boys! My wife and my four sons are my life and I want to provide them with the best life and opportunities possible. I imagine if I did not have any kids – I would not need to write this stuff and would not have anything that important to write about for everyone else to read.

Every business has its own set of challenges, but you learn to deal with those and always remain positive. At times you must work long hours and keep the business moving forward. It is rewarding to be able to help and employ so many people. It also brings stress, and you feel pressure that they are relying on you and your business to be successful to provide for their families. There have been many occasions where I was unable to get paid making sure each employee was paid and taken care of.

I look forward to the future with hope and a positive attitude. I never know if I
will have opportunity to own other businesses or continue and grow my
current businesses. I have been blessed with an amazing family, great friends,
and the loving support of my community. I look forward to the future knowing the sky’s still the limit.