POST #2: Life Lessons List Cont


POST 2: Adding to Life Lessons List:

For my second post I wanted to keep with TJ’s theme about Life lessons. TJ had a great 49 Life Lessons. I will add to this list of Life Lessons. I hope at some point I have several hundred great life lessons – Maybe 365 and we can make a daily Life lessons book! I agree with so many of TJ’s and some of mine will probably be similar. I wanted to try and expand the list with different lessons. I hope my boys can use some lessons.

Feel free to contact me and add any Important life lessons in the comments if you are ever reading this and I will keep the list growing!

My Add on List to Tj’s list of 49 Life Lessons:

Lesson 50 – Life is Short- Focus on all the simple blessings that surround us every day. Life is fragile and all it takes is a single moment to change everything. Focus on what’s important and be grateful! You are blessed! Believe it! Live your life with no regrets.

Lesson 51- Have Integrity – How you treat people tells all. Be Kind ALWAYS.

Lesson 52- Choose Memories and spend time creating memories. You can always work and make money. You can’t always make memories.

Lesson 53- Be Helpful – Even the smallest thing to you can mean the world to someone else. Don’t offer to help – Just Help – It will be much appreciated. Unexpected kindness is powerful.

Lesson 54- It is ok to be Wrong. Admit if you are wrong. Keep your distance from people who will never admit they are wrong and want to be right at all costs.

Lesson 55- Believe in yourself – Be Confident –

Lesson 56- Make time for people you love- Surround yourself with optimistic and positive people. Enjoy People you choose to spend your time with. Don’t waste time around negative people or people that bring you down.

Lesson 57- Advice – Be smart enough to ask for advice and listen. (I always asked my father for advice-)     Also, be wise in who you take advice from.

Lesson 58- Friends come and go and that is alright. Prioritize your close friends– They will be there for you when needed.

Lesson 59- People can’t read your mind- (Especially your spouse!) If you want something done or help – just simply ask – More times, then not the person asked will be excited to help. What is on someone else’s mind or needs to be done might not be at the same priority level to you – so just ASK.

Lesson 60- Start each day HAPPY be excited for the day and positive about how it will go. Be Thankful for each day you have.

Lesson 61- HUG- Hug your loved ones everyday- Hug to start the day and hug to end the day. You might even get extra hugs throughout the day. Hug your spouse- cuddle up watch a movie- Be affectionate. Showing others, you care, and they are loved goes a long way.

Lesson 62- Believe in the magic of Christmas! I learned this from my dad who loved Christmas time and everything about it. It is a time of the year where everyone seems to be a little more kind and giving. I inherited the love of Christmas time for sure.

Lesson 63- Enjoy the little things in Life. One day you will look back and realize they were the most important things.

Lesson 64- Care about others – If you have the power to make someone happy, Do it! Everyone likes to feel special and appreciated. The smallest kind gesture can mean a lot to someone.

Lesson 65- Bad days happen. Above all know God has a plan- Even though in the moment things seem bad or you are upset know in time you will understand the journey you went through. Things usually are not as bad as they seem- look to grow through your experiences.

Lesson 66- Be a Good Friend – Put others above yourself – Be there for your friends always –

Lessons 67- Play in the Rain! You are never too old to play in the rain. Jog in the rain. Take a walk in the rain. You will not melt I promise.

Lesson 68- Failure and Adversity are the greatest teachers. It is ok to Fail. To be successful you will have to face adversity. Embrace challenges and always be willing to learn. Don’t stop learning

Lesson 69- You never really lose until you stop trying. People can accomplish much more then they give themselves credit for.

Lesson 70- The Early Bird gets the worm. Start your day early – Get after it. You can accomplish a lot by being the “Early Bird!”

Lesson 71- Learn to Swim.

Lesson 72- Smile – I tell my kids my own kids to win the day. Smile- Be kind – If people see you smiling, they will (hopefully) smile back. The simple gesture of being happy/kind can go a long way.

Lesson 73- Don’t Judge – There is a lot of misinformation out there (social media can be rough)– Typically you do not know the true story. We all get a version of a story based more on a narrative or opinions not true facts. Don’t believe what you hear or read. If you are not there or speak to those involved good chance you have very little knowledge of what the truth is.

Lesson 74- Love your spouse – Every Marriage has challenges and ups and downs- If you can spend a small amount of time each day connecting with your spouse it will go a long way. Don’t fall into the too busy trap and lose love- Date always –

Lesson 75- Communicate in your marriage -Men and Women could not be more different –Both need/want different things out of a relationship both emotionally and physically. It is a balance you need to find together. Be understanding.

Lesson 76- Drink Whole Chocolate Milk (and eat some cookies) – Do not drink 1% Chocolate Milk. A glass of cold old fashion Chocolate milk could be one of lives best treasures!! 

Lesson 77- Spend time outdoors. Take a family camping trip. Go on a hike. Make some memories fishing, starting a fire, go for a swim, play whiffle ball, just enjoy the outdoors.

Lesson 78- Not all people have good intentions. There are just plain bad people who do bad things. Never let that stop you from being a good/kind person.

Lesson 79- Build a snow fort, snow tunnel, or igloo! Enjoy the snow.

Lesson 80- Love – Love everyday – Say Thank you- Make sure people know you care. Appreciate time with others. Love is a great feeling – Love is a choice – Choose to Love.

Lesson 81: Don’t be Envious of others. Be happy for others success and accomplishments. Life is not a competition with others. Life is about loving your family the very best you can and making memories. Envious people are consumed by Envy.

Lesson 82: Eat Pizza once a week. (at least)

Lesson 83: Be positive – Keep your negative thoughts to yourself and project positivity.

Lesson 84: Do what you say you are going to do. Don’t let people down. It is ok if you do not do something but DO NOT say you will and not follow through. Keep your word.

Lesson 85: Call your parents often. As you get older you never know how much time you will have to make those calls.

Lesson 86: Detach from technology each day. Take a walk- jog- workout- take a nap- play a game-give technology a break.